11 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home!

I have to admit that I have never really been into the whole "Spring has Sprung" idea - and chances are it's mainly because in Newfoundland, we don't have the pleasure of ever seeing spring...we sort of just skip over it and go straight from winter to summer.

So I'll blame Mother Nature for my lack of interest, because I suppose there was never really any point in showing any.

But I have to say (for whatever reason), over the past two weeks, I have shown more interest in Spring than I have ever shown in my life...and I believe it's because of the Interior Decorating course that I am taking. I've found that I'm starting to notice anything and everything that has to do with seasons shifting - and I love it. It's really changing the way I view everything around me and I find it so fascinating.

So in honour of my new recognition of Spring and all of it's loveliness, I wanted to show you all some ways of bringing Spring into your home. And for all the Newfoundlanders who read this - even if it doesn't look like Spring outside - we can pretend it does. Despite getting 20cm of snow dumped on them 2 weeks ago, the tulips and crocuses in my front garden are still managing to push their way through the snow and ice to present themselves to the world. They give me hope that I never knew I had in the middle of all the snow and coldness. If they can power through, so can I.

Image from Seaside Inspired 
I really liked the style of this leaf shaped bowl. With the skeleton-esque look to the bowl, it's a subtle touch and brings a nature feel to any space.

Image from House Couturier
 I love this leaf wallpaper from House Couturier. It can bring any room to life, and it comes in other colours as well!

Image from Pottery Barn
 I really enjoy topiaries - they come in so many assortments to buy, or you can make them yourself! This particular one comes from Pottery Barn. They also have some other topiary ideas on their website that you should check out!

Image from Hows House
 This twig table brings nature right into your living room! It's a very simple idea and is also a project that you can do at home!

Image from My Sweet Savannah
If you're looking to Spring up your table settings, go green! Green always looks awesome - especially with flower arrangements, and there's so many options to choose from! If you're looking for inspiration, look up "green table settings" on Google. There's tons of findings!

Image from Pottery Barn
 I thought these flower vases were too cute! They come in a set of 4, and I love that they're all different sizes and shapes. Stick to putting a single flower in a vase - less is more. Try something nice and bright.

Image from FlickRiver
Green chairs can make quite a pop to any room. They also bring a nature feel to your space. Check out this chair by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen. It's very modern and quite stylish!

Image from Fopple
I love the colour combination of the pillows in this room. You can make any neutral coloured room liven up with coloured pillows! It adds a great punch of colour to the space! 

Image from Princess Crown and Pearls
 I thought this was super cool. It's so fun and springy/summery! A great idea for a table centerpiece if you're having company over!

Image from Pottery Barn
 Okay, this one is here just because I loved it. It's not particularly "spring" orientated, but I thought the idea was pretty cute. I found this on the Pottery Barn website and it's such a simple idea and really does bring something that you would see outside, inside. Also, the distressed look of the ladder gives it a real flare.

Image from Macy's
I love this dinnerware set from Macy's! So fun and spring-ish! Check out what else they have on their website!


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