Cubicle Decor!

I had a request to put together some decorating ideas for people who go to work everyday and have to sit in an ugly and boring cubicle.

Now, girls and guys are going to have some pretty different ideas on how to decorate their workspace. And the biggest playing factors that are going to influence your decorating are where you work and who you work with.

I came across some extreme decorating ideas that are incredibly shocking and will make you stand out. A lot. I also found some more tame ideas that may suit better to the greater cubicle worker population.

So, let's get started!

For those of us who are a little more computer nerdy than the rest, these Ctrl and Enter clocks are a pretty cool idea! I found them at Mod Cloth and I think they'd fit in perfectly in any office!

I have one of these magnetic bulletin board strips and I love it! I bought mine at Chapters, but I found these at The Container Store. The great thing about these is that you can put them anywhere - office, bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc...and they're always super stylish!

If you have a magnetic bulletin board, you're going to need magnets! I found these magnets at Sorting With Style. They are quite cute AND they help you with the days of the week (bonus!)

These Paperclip Wall Hooks will fit in an office of any kind and they'll look even more stylish with your coats, bags, accessories hanging off them! You can check them out at Chiasso.

Anyone hungry? I love these! They're apple and pear sticky notes from Sorting With Style. If you're not hungry at work on a regular basis, you sure will be after staring at these all day!

I thought some of the ladies may like this one! It's a Heart Hole Punch! 
You can find it by clicking here.

For those of us who do not like using sticky notes, I have found another alternative! 
This is a Ceramic Memo Board from Sorting With Style.

For those of us who love cars (boys), I found you a mouse that you may find very enjoyable! It's shaped like a Porsche 911 and it will make all the Porsche enthusiasts in your office extremely jealous! It's color selections include red, silver, and black. You can find  this Motor Mouse by clicking here.

I think this one is absolutely hysterical. haha It's such a hilarious idea for a drink coaster.
I'm sure everybody in your offices will love it! You can pick up Splat Stan here!

I LOVE these little guys!!! They keep all your main office supplies needs all in one area and look hilarious while doing it!

The little blue guy holds on to your tape, pens, paper clips, and sticky notes, while the little green guy holds onto your paper clips, pens, sticky notes, and his lightening bolt is a letter opener!


You can find them at Sorting With Style.

I've seen this idea a few times - but I think it could be pretty neat to stick in a cubicle or office area. Just get a world map (any size you want) and get a bunch of push pins in two different colours. Designate one colour to indicate places where you have been and the second colour to indicate places you would like to go. It's a very simple idea, but I like it because anyone can do it and if you enjoy travel, it's a perfect wall decoration!

This Wall Vase can be found at The Office Stylist. It's a very simple idea, but you could have a few placed in a row it can be quite pretty!


This is Cubicle Wallpaper! It's great for anyone who wants to take their boring and generic cubicle and turn it into something flashy to reflect your personal tastes!

These images are from Cubicle Paper - the website concentrates mainly on patterns and designs. I also found Cubicle Wallpaper at Cubeskinz and they have patterns, designs, cityscapes, nature pictures, etc... it all depends on what your tastes are!

The last suggestion I have, is to take a scenic photograph that you have such as a cityscape or tropical paradise with a window in it - like this one:

and post it on the wall of your cubicle so that it looks like you have an awesome window with a view! It may make you want to go on vacation, but who knows - maybe you do need a vacation!

I hope this helps everyone! Click on a reaction below to let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Meghan!

    You have some very cool and interesting items here.
    On the "window with a view idea", I came across
    one such item.....
    Shameless self-promotion? Maaaybeee.
    Keep on cubin'!

  2. I love all of your cubicle ideas--I recently decorated mine, and here is how it turned out!

  3. Meghan,
    I have a question rather than a comment.
    Do you know of any sites that have a cubicle wallpaper that looks like book shelves w/books?

  4. Love all of your ideas. I gotta change mine now.

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