Light Up Your Summer Nights!

In honour of the summer nights that will (hopefully) be gracing us with their presence very soon, I wanted to show you all some great ways of lighting up your back gardens for all those deck parties you're going to be having! Or for the nights when you just want to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Image from We Heart It
Image from DecorGuide
I think outdoor fireplaces are so great. They bring a beautiful natural light to any area and for the more chilly evenings, they bring some heat as well! They're also perfect so the nights when you're a tad hungry and want to make some s'mores! 

Image from Landscape Lighting

 I absolutely love these globe lights. They're not just used for lighting pools - you can use them anywhere...tree lights, table lights, deck lights - whatever you want! What makes them extra awesome is that now they are available in solar power. They're also available in different sizes and colours!

Image from epicturs
 I had never seen a outdoor lamp like this before so I had to add it to the light collection! It gives a very modern flare to any outdoor environment. 

Image from Lighting Landscape

You can find these globe laterns anywhere! And they're so beautiful if you hang them outside and spread them out around your garden!

Image from actureans

These umbrella lights are a pretty neat idea. They direct the light source to one main area, which is perfect if you're outsides having some drinks and relaxing!

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I have an addiction to twinkle lights. It's fine. I deal with it...and it's not like I hide it or anything. I've talked about it a bunch of times before and everybody knows about it, so that's just how it is. There will always be millions of twinkle lights in my life and I'm totally fine with that.

Twinkle lights are amazing for all seasons and they fit in beautifully everywhere. They bring a breathtaking magical atmosphere to anywhere you place them and I absolutely love that. I thought the mason jar idea was super cool so if you love twinkle lights like I do, you should definitely try that one out!


  1. One thing I can say about your inspiration is, “Wow!” It all looks elegant and romantic, particularly the pool area where lots of ball lights are all over the place. I'll definitely hold a party in here every weekend! It's amazing how a simple light fixture can add impact to a space. – Allison Shallenberger @