Wallpaper = Good

I know when most people hear the word "wallpaper" they usually cringe. And yes, that's fine - I do understand why. Wallpaper was really popular years ago, and then it disappeared for ages and nobody wanted anything to do with it because they thought it made all spaces look ugly and dated.

But over the past few years, wallpaper is starting to make it's come back. And honestly, I wasn't a fan at first, but now I'm starting to see the light. Instead of having a room covered from head to toe in hideous floral patterns, designers have started using wallpaper to accent prominent features in a room. You also have the option now of buying wallpaper that is way more pleasing to the eye - it comes in all colours, designs, shapes, patterns - whatever you like! I have to say, I believe it creates just enough impact without overwhelming the space and it can look absolutely gorgeous.

To prove my point, I found some great examples for you all to take a look at. Hopefully these pictures will convert some of the wallpaper haters.

Did I convert anyone??


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