Updating Quirky Old Furniture!

I came across some pretty neat ways to change up some old furniture that people have lying around their homes. Usually these types of things are destined for the garbage - but before you throw anything out, think again! You might be able to reuse your old furniture in creative ways you never would have thought of! Check out the pictures below for some awesome inspiration!

Think twice before throwing out that mattress spring! Ever think of using it as a bulletin board?  Get the rust off it and  treat it with a clear overcoat and you've got yourself a functional piece of artwork! Use clothes pins and hangers to hold up all your good for you!

Everything you see in this room has been salvaged from a junk yard - from the table structure to the shelving unit! Complete the look with vintage inspired items placed around the room and on the shelves!

This is quite simple but I love it! Get an old head board - paint it and attach it to the wall.  Add a rack with  hooks and you've got yourself new storage for coats! Random house numbers add character to your new creation!

Paint an old dresser a bright new colour! Get chalkboard paint and you can label your dresser any way you like! Super cute idea for a child's bedroom.

This old wooden frame is covered in aluminum foil, antiquing glaze, and polyurethane! Decoupage can look pretty awesome, huh?  Fill the frame with your own pictures, or use your creativity!

Another way to update an old dresser? Decoupage! It can cover all imperfections and looks pretty great! Use something inspirational to cover the dresser - maps, book pages, sheets of music, etc.

Need a new shelf for your pictures? Find an old step ladder, paint it a fun colour,
 then mount it on the wall!

All images from HGTV