Time to Winterize!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Sorry I have been MIA lately on the blog posts - vacationing, finishing school, and Christmas took over my life all at once so I had to cut back for a little while.

But I have returned! and I should be able to get things back to normal now. I have a lot of awesome new stuff to share with you guys so I hope you all stick with me!

Okay, enough babble. Onto the good stuff!

This is a picture that I took from the front of my house!
The snow is too pretty!
So if you're anything like me, I always feel depressed when I take down my Christmas decorations. This is partially because I have a huge love for Christmas, but the other reason is that I always find my house looks naked when all the decorations are put away. So I thought it might be a cool idea to research some good ways of decorating your house for winter, just to keep things looking awesome in your home! Here are some ideas I came across:

Image from Better Homes & Gardens
 I love this idea and you could use it anywhere in your home. Just find an old pair of mittens and you're good to go! I think this would look awesome hung on a porch door or mud room - It would fit right in.

Image from 1800flowers

Don't be so quick to put those twinkle lights away!!!!  I'm sure by now you've all heard of my twinkle lights obsession so I'll be looking for any excuse to keep them out. Just take a vase of any shape and fill it up with any type of cones you like - the twinkle lights will add a bit of dimension and the icicles add a little sparkle! You should be able to find plastic icicles at any dollar store or Christmas decor shop.

Image from Cleverly Inspired
I haven't done any crafts with Epsom salt yet, but I love the look of these bottles so I may have to give it a try! I'll give a quick overview on how to do it, and if you're interested than you can click the blog link above to see how it's done in greater detail. Take three wine bottles (any shape), spray with primer. After they have dried, spray the bottles with craft bond spray adhesive and roll in Epsom salt (you can find it in any drug store) while the glue is tacky. Now you've got yourself a new table centerpiece!

Image from Real Simple
The simplicity of this idea is so awesome - jingle bells in a brandy glass. Tada! You're done.

Image from Brides
I love the natural beauty white can bring to any environment - it's one of the reasons I love winter. Everything looks so beautiful. So why not bring that beauty inside to your dining table? Decorate your dining table in whites, silvers, and clears - and why not add a snowflake or two? Everything will look beautiful, clean, and inviting.

Image from Brides
You can find metallic or shiny branches at any craft store - add them to a metallic vase and you've got yourself a beautiful decoration! They'll bring a wintery vintage feel to any space.

Image from West Elm
 I love the look of feather wreaths...they look so classy. I found this one at West Elm, but it's quite simple to make a feather wreath yourself. You can find a wreath frame at any craft store and feather boas work perfectly to complete the wreath - you should be able to find feather boas at any craft store or dollar store. Just wrap the feather boa around the frame and secure with twist ties and you're good to go!

Image from Better Homes & Gardens
And we're back to the twinkle lights again..haha A lot of people buy hanging wicker flower baskets during the summer and then put them away for the winter. Don't move so fast! You can do some awesome stuff with those during the winter time! Look how beautiful the baskets look in the picture above! You could do that too! Line the inside of the baskets with twinkle lights and place anything silvery inside them. They'll look beautiful when snow falls on them!

Image from HGTV
Finally, if you have an old frame lying around that you're trying to figure out to do with - I may have a solution for you. A lot of people have black boards in their home - if you don't, you can usually find them at any office supply store. Write your winter message on your black board and place it behind the frame! It's an awesome conversation piece, wherever you choose to place it!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and I'll be posting more very soon!!


  1. You should post some pictures of your house all decorated!! :)