Valentine's Ideas From The Heart!

Think you need something extra to make your Valentine's a little more perfect? Looking for some last minute Valentine's Day decor ideas?

Well you have stumbled onto the right blog because I may be able to help you out!

Below are some quick and easy ways to hearten up your Valentine's Day a wee bit more!

Image from 3beekmanplaceapartment
Have any fun cupcake liners hanging around your kitchen?? Fill them with Valentine candy and stick a heart on them! Place them around your house so everybody can have some Valentine's snacks!

Image from marthastewart
Cooking breakfast in bed for your sweetie? Cut out some red hearts and write some love notes on them! Get some tape and stick them to the end of your tea bags - an extra bit of love coming their way!

Image from Noodle Head
I love this idea - it's super cute! Get various sizes of pompoms from the craft store and thread them onto transparent thread or fishing line. Tie a knot at the bottom of each pompom so that they stay in place and hang it in your window!

Image from marthastewart
Here's a quick way to add some lovin' to your hot chocolate! Grab some large marshmallows and chop them in half. Get a sharp knife and cut out a heart in the center of your marshmallow - Place both cut-outs in your hot chocolate and you're good to go!

Image from duitang

Here's a cute idea for some quick Valentine's Day garland! The picture to the left gives you step by step instructions on how to make it:

1. Get some construction paper and cut the paper into strips.

2. Take two strips and staple the ends of one side together.

3. Bend the strips in the opposite direction of each other so that they create a heart shape. Then take two more strips and staple all four ends of the papers together.

4. For the rest of the garland you just rinse and repeat! Keep repeating all the first three steps until you want to end the garland and then just staple the end together!
Image from marthastewart

I thought this was a super cute idea for a Valentine's outfit! Cut out some hearts out of paper or felt and punch a whole in the middle on the heart. Place each heart behind a button on your shirt and you've got yourself some Valentine's Day buttons!

Image from igottacreate
Want to make some heart trees! They're super fun and easy to do! Click on the link below the picture for the complete instructions on how to make this super cute decoration!

I hope you all have an awesome Valentine's Day! More posts soon!