Kitchen Work Triangle

What is the Kitchen Work Triangle, you may ask?

In most homes, the kitchen is usually the most used in the house. Because of this, the kitchen work triangle was developed so that people could live happily and productively in their home. Here is the main concept for the kitchen work triangle:

There are three main work areas in a kitchen:

  • Refrigerator - the cold storage area
  • Stove - the cooking area
  • Sink - the cleaning area

These three areas make up the triangle in this concept. More travel is done between these three areas than any other areas in the kitchen. More room between these 3 areas means extra steps. Less room between these three areas means a cramped work space. 

Therefore, the main goal of the triangle is to place the three main work areas the most efficient distance apart while minimizing the amount of traffic that passes through the zone.

Here are some Kitchen Work Triangle basics:
  • Each leg of the triangle should be somewhere between 4 to 9 feet.
  • The combined total of all three legs should be between 12 and 26 feet.
  • No obstructions (such as islands, cabinets) should intersect a leg of the work triangle.
  • No household traffic should pass through the work triangle.

Take a look at these kitchens and see if they follow the Kitchen Work Triangle!

Image from ergonomics-info

Image from Kitchen&Bath Designs

Image from Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Image from LATimesBlogs

Image from raftertales

Image from Charles&Hudson

Image from Nouvelle

Image from myaya


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