Exposed Brick!

I love the look of exposed brick. There's a classic richness to it that I find authentic, yet refreshing. Whether designing a house or whether it's forced on you by an existing home, most people don't consider exposed brick. I find it adds endless amounts of character to any setting and creates lots of design inspiration. There are other options for exposed brick as well - in a lot of cases, people choose to paint over it, which gives the wall the brick texture but blends the colour into whatever is going on with the rest of the room. It's all about your design tastes!

I've come across a lot of examples of amazing exposed brick, so I picked out a few of my favorites and I posted them below! Enjoy!

Image from bellemaison23

Image from materialgirls

Image from pinterest

Image from onceuponateatime
Image from damasketdentelle

Image from charmingzebra

Image from witanddelight
Image from lavenderandash


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