How to Decorate Without Painting!

It's time for a request blog! My lovely friend Mary just moved into a new apartment and she me to dedicate a blog to decorating your place without painting!

I know this is a problem that lots of people have when they move into a new place and there are restrictions to how you are allowed to decorate your new home. But you do have the right to make your new space your own. It's important to feel comfortable and add your own character to your place and there are lots of ways to do this without getting out the paint buckets! So I found some great ways to get around the issue of not being allowed to add paint to your walls! I hope the pictures below give you some insight and that they help you along in your decorating adventures!

Image from homedit
I love the way this room is put together. It's the perfect example of tons of colour in a very white room!

Image from livethemma
I found this rug at Ikea and I think it's pretty great! It's bright and colourful and could bring life to any space. If you want to liven up a white space, you need to find accessories that are going to add contrast to the area. This rug is a great example of that because it will bring the focus away from your bare white walls and everyone will be looking at your awesome new rug! Ikea has other rugs as well that would be great for filling in a white space - check out this link: Ikea Rugs

Image from bhg
This photo is a great example of how you need to try and find accessories for your space that add life and character. Look for bold colours and patterns that are going to take the emphasis away from all the white. Remember window treatments are very important! They add a lot more to a room than people give them credit for! I love the colour of the window treatments in this photo - the matching lamp brings the whole look together.  

Image from bhg
Okay yes - those are roses. But they're also one of the quickest and most effective ways to add colour to any space! Pick your favorite flower and you've got yourself an awesome colourful centerpiece!

Image from bhg
I'm a huge fan of ottomans. They have so many functions and I love it!! Storage, coffee table, foot stool, extra seating - and they come in so many colours!! They're a fun and convenient addition to any room.

Images from designmegillah

I think this idea is a little bit of genius. I know it's not an option for some people but it's looks pretty neat when it's finished! I've seen this done with ribbon (like in this picture) and I've also seen it done with masking tape (which might be easier in terms of not having to put holes in the walls)  You can get masking tape that has different patterns and colours which could be super fun to mess around with. 

I came across some really cool patterned masking tape on Etsy that you can take a look at for ideas! Here's the link if you want to check them out: Etsy Masking Tape

If you want to know how to do this wall pattern, click on this link: Ribboned Wall

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I'm always up for requests so if there is anything you guys want to see on the blog or would like help with, comment below!