Birthday Celebrations!

Recently I was looking out for some birthday decor ideas and I came across some pretty cute ideas! So naturally (as always) I felt like I had to share! I believe birthday celebrations should be bright and colourful - you're celebrating a persons life! It's a big deal and it should be fun and uplifting! 

Check out the ideas below for some great inspiration!

Image from Crafts Moods
What an AWESOME way to wake up on your birthday!! I LOVE this idea! Holy fun!!!

Image from edytaszyszlo

 Want a creative way to invite your friends to your birthday bash?? 

Have your invitations printed on a balloon! There's lots of online companies that do custom balloon printing so design your message and go from there! Everyone will love it!

Image from pinterest
This is such a fun party idea! And it has such a huge impact on any room! If you're looking for a bright and colourful way to bring a space together for a celebration, this is definitely it! 

Image from kimandjason
Fill up your balloons with helium - one of each year of the birthday boy/girl and then attach a picture at the bottom of each piece of string for each year of their life!

Image from Thirty Handmade Days
 What's better than presents all at once?? A present every hour! 
Base it on the time of day they were born and go from there!

Image from momtog
 Looking for a backdrop for some awesome birthday pictures?? I think this will do!

Image from marthastewart
I think this is a great way to make tribute to your birthday friend!

Want to add some personality to your birthday decor? Make your own birthday party hats! You could even turn this into a project for your birthday party attendees - set up a party hat station and get them to make their own! 

Fill the station with scrapbook paper, pom poms, and little craft store goodies and get everybody's creative sides showing!

Images from The Sweetest Occasion

Image from Etsy

You can make your own birthday garland just by using felt balls found at any craft store! Just pull a long piece of string through each felt ball and drape the string whatever way you like!

I hope you find these pictures helpful and hopefully they have given you some ideas for when you are planning your next big birthday bash! 
Party On!


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