Bar & Nightclub Interiors!

I came across some photographs of some famous bars and clubs around the world that have very striking interiors - so I wanted to share them with you all!

I am always intrigued with the architectural designs and interiors of bars and clubs - simply because they are one of the main industries in the world that absolutely have to stay up to date with their customers and the "fads" of each generation. If they don't - they lose their business. But in keeping with their over-the-top designs, they also have to take into consideration the functionality of the space so that it runs smoothly on it's own.

Check out my findings!

Yucca Lounge - Shanghai, China

L'Arc Paris - Paris, France

SOUND Phuket Night Club - Phuket, Thailand

New Gold Mountain - Melbourne, Australia

Blue Frog Lounge - Mumbai, India

Juliet Supperclub - New York, USA

Le Bar 228 - Paris, France

China Doll Club - Beijing, China

All Images from The Cool Hunter

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