Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirates Bedroom For Me!

If you love pirates - I may have found the best children's room ever. EVER. It's absolutely amazing. I seriously wish it was my room.

Kuhl Design Build created this ingenious room design for a six year old boy's bedroom.

Here's what they had to say about it:

Pirate Ship Bedroom by Kuhl Design Build:

“A full grown man crosses the rope bridge into the ship. The rope bridge is connected to the top of the jail cell, built to accommodate evil doers, thieves and little sisters.

As with many of the things we build, this is was a first. Ultimately we derive great satisfaction out of overcoming odd design challenges. It’s sort of like that good pain you feel the day after a heavy workout.

We constructed the crows nest using a ten inch hand-hewn timber for extra strength. Not seen here is a bed where important friends may get to sleep.
We used 2×12 ribs to construct the hull of the ship, covering them with layers of 1/2 inch plywood to act as the planking. Our genius faux finisher developed a bomb-proof blend of plaster and epoxy with integrated coloring to simulate an old ship’s hull.”

Prepare to be amazed.
(The pictures are a bit over sized - but I wanted you guys to be able to see the details in the photos!)

Images from Kuhl Design Build


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