Need to Get Away?

We haven't been having the greatest weather here in St. John's lately...there's snow. Lots and lots of it. Therefore, I always end up looking at vacation spots that do not have snow...they just have lots and lots of sun instead.

I always end up looking at pictures of Greece. It's just somewhere I really want to go, so I frequently check to see what's going on there and which places seem to be the most popular vacation destinations. I stumbled upon photographs taken of Porte Zante Villas & Spa....just wait till you guys see this. The pictures don't even look real...that's how crazy they are.

I seriously need to stop doing this to myself by the way. I think it's hazardous to my health.

Anyone want to go?


  1. Hazardous to your health.. possible.

    Destructive to my bank account... definitely.

  2. :D you're dying to go. I can tell. hahaha