Colour Therapy Rain Spa Shower Heads

I came across these shower heads and I loved them! They're by Italian company IB Rubinetterie and use light to make the shower a colour-therapy experience.


  1. Whoa! That is so cool! This is my first time to see a “colorful” shower. If it's like that I'd enjoy my time in the water. From the pictures, I can see that you can change the water pressure from a soft rain to a strong downpour. Ooohh that downpour sounds nice. I am seriously planning to buy that. Do you know where I can get one? Who is distributing it here in America?

  2. Showering doesn't have to be a chore! By mixing comfort with visually-striking design, these showers deliver a luxurious look and experience.

  3. Incredible! Very unusual shower heads, never saw such a thing. I always used ordinary hand shower heads like Thanks for sharing!