Go Green for St. Patrick's Day!

Since St. Patrick's Day is this week, I thought I would do a blog to celebrate! Having an Irish mother, and therefore being half-Irish myself, I couldn't not post something to honour the day!

I came across some pretty neat ideas and decorating concepts for the day - so here we go!

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

I love this idea because it's so simple and you can do it with items you would already have in your house. Just get any vase (doesn't matter what size or shape) and fill it with green Christmas ornaments! It makes a elegant and classy centerpiece.

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

This decoration can also be made from items you would have in your home - get a green or white candle and wrap some St. Paddy's Day inspired ribbon or fabric around it and you're all done!

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

You can use coloured wine bottles or any type of vase or bottle you would find an antique shop or vintage store to do up this decoration. Gather up your bottles and place them together as a centerpiece!

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

There are many different types of table clothes you can get to decorate your table! This particular one was designed by attaching a Celtic style stencil to the fabric.

Image from Celebrations

This particular flower arrangement is a design put together by a professional flower studio - but you can certainly do something like this on your own! Get a beer mug and fill it with yellow or gold coloured rocks or gems you would find in a specialty or craft store. Line the top of the mug with white paper or felt, and then place short stemmed flowers in the top of the mug! Super cool decoration!

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

This napkin tie is very simple but is quite effective for the holiday!

Images from Better Homes & Gardens


 I love this napkin tie! It's so simple, but looks so elegant - and it can be used for any occasion - not just St. Patrick's Day! Better Homes and Gardens goes into detail on their website about how to create this look! Check out the link! 

Image from Better Homes & Gardens
I love topiaries. And this one is super cool. They're also not as hard to make as they look! I promise! If you want to learn how to create this topiary, visit the website above and there are instructions on how to do it!

Image from Crafts Kaboose
Out of all the decorations I found, I may love this one the most - A Kissed Blarney Stone. It's just absolutely awesome and it's so easy to do - especially with kids! Get a white rock - or even a rock and paint it white. And then all you have to do is paint green lips on it! After that you can decorate it whatever way you like! Get the official instructions by clicking the link above!

I hope you all enjoyed these St. Patrick's Day ideas! Have fun trying some!