Introducing: Le Beanock

I'm always drawn to items that look comfortable. Like a big comfy chair or a huge pile of fluffy pillows. How can you resist? You can't. So when I found this, I hit the comfort jackpot.

It's a combination of a big bean bag and a hammock. I feel as though the word "INGENIOUS" should be inserted right here: ____________.

You can put it anywhere - inside, outside - whatever works for you and it's large enough to fit one to two people, plus a load of fluffy pillows (major bonus). It can also be custom designed pattern/colour wise to fit your personal tastes! (which I'm sure are lovely!) and there's different sizes as well.

Ladies and gentlemen - it's doesn't get much better than this...

I fear that if I got into one of these, I'd never get out. 
Actually, it's not really a fear - I wouldn't get out. And I'd be fine with it.