Winter Wonderland

Since snow is seeming to be such a prominent part of Canadian lives these days - and a HUGELY prominent part of my skidooing weekend, (haha) I wanted to show you some things that are wonderfully snow/winter inspired!

I LOVE this snowflake shaped patio furniture set! It's made by a Swiss company called B-alance and they do such a unique job of making the chairs, footstools/coffee tables fit together. You can also rearrange them into different shapes for the non winter times! -

If you want to see more about their company, visit

There are also other classy ways of decorating your winter home - such as winter themed table settings. I really love this idea. It can make any space look so warm and welcoming.

Okay, yes. This one is quite nerdy up close, but from far away, it's pretty darn cool. The tree is made up of letters and characters used for encoding schemes on computers. haha But it makes a beautiful winter tree!!

I will have more findings later!! I hope you all enjoy your wintery weekends!


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