Up The Stairs, Down The Stairs!

I was looking at staircases for some inspiration for a school project, and stumbled upon some pretty crazy stuff! I decided they were definitely blog-worthy - so I hope you find these as entertaining as I did!

Okay, first off - this staircase is 100% fabulous. I thought this was so awesome.
This is definitely meant for all the bling-lovers of the world. haha

You can't have enough storage! Especially in super clever places!

I thought this was really cool! If you're into books and funky 
storage spots, this is perfect!

I love this! Very bohemian and funky!

Very 60's/70's! Very colourful!

I think this is super cool!!!! For those of us who are lovers of blue and green!

Holy awesome. That is all I have to say.

I had to stick this in here. Piano is a huge part of my life, so I absolutely loved this!
It's in a subway station in Odenplan, Stockholm.


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