Valentine's Day Ideas!

I love decorating for holidays - it's a chance to be super creative! and since Valentine's Day is going to gracing us with it's presence on Monday, I figured I would give you some ideas for the day incase you felt in the mood to be inspired or wanted some last minute ideas! I hope these help:


I found these really cool heart window decorations on the Martha Stewart website! 
They're made with wax paper and crayons! Cool, hey?

I like gift wrapping. A lot. I'm slightly addicted. 
I found this gift on RedOnline and it reminded me of the old fashioned 
presents that you would see in the movies. I thought it was adorable.

This idea is so simple - I think it's genius. Take something everybody has in their house - a light fixture - and turn it into something incredibly festive. Better Homes and Gardens were on the ball with this one. It's so awesomely easy and it looks so amazing. I love it.

Who knew lollipops could be made into super cute flowers?! This is such a great idea - especially for kids! It not only looks super cool, but it tastes deadly too! All you have to do it cut out hearts on coloured card stock, hole punch the bottoms, and slide them onto the lollipop and arrange them like a flower! You can find the webpage by clicking on Better Homes and Gardens

How sweet is this? Check out Better Homes and Gardens to find out how to make it!

 Kaela Mills designed and made these felt hearts and I think they're really sweet! She's selling them on Etsy - she also has some other crafts there that she made as well so you should check it out!

 Jessica Jones has a blog called How About Orange and I found these really cute hearts that she designed! She's got a tutorial on how to make the heart garland on her blog so check it out if you're interested!

 It's a classic - but a goodie. RedOnline

I LOVE this!!! and they're so crazy easy to make! I've decided I have got to make these some time before Monday - it's just got to happen. DoziDesign is a genius! The tutorial is on the link and you NEED to check it out. There's so many other cool crafts on the webpage too! This is a must-see!

I really liked this Valentine's Day wreath. I really enjoyed the classic country-ish 
style of it. You can check it out at RedOnline.

Gifts/Meaningful Bits:

I seriously cannot even express to you how much I love Bold Loft for designing these pillows. They're just so freaking fabulous. And the cartoons are ADORABLE. It doesn't even stop there - there's coffee mugs, t-shirts, glasses - you people really need to go to the website. Now.

I wanted to leave this for last because I thought out of all of the other Valentine's Day suggestions I've had, this one is probably the most meaningful - and it's so simple. Take all the best moments and wonderful memories that you have with your person and post them in a place where you know you will get to be reminded of the good stuff every time you're in the area. RedOnline

I hope all of this helped! I wanted to post this earlier than Valentine's Day 
incase anyone wanted to try some of the ideas! 

Please comment or click a reaction! I would like to know what you guys are thinking of everything so far!


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