Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Home...

I love twinkle lights...probably too much. But I can't help myself - they're just so pretty! They have a way of making everything light up so beautifully and everything looks so magical. And you can use them anywhere. Which is fabulous. 

While researching for school projects, I've found so many neat ideas for twinkle lights. There are so many ways to use them all year around (they're not just for Christmas you know!) and they come in all different shapes and sizes!
Use them in bedrooms, bathrooms, living/dining rooms, kitchens, staircases, mirrors - or expand out and use them while hosting a dinner, decorating a reception (they work really well for weddings), or any holiday at all that you feel in the mood to decorate for!

I have some crazy cool images for you to take a look at - if you didn't like twinkle lights before, you'll have to love them after this!

 RedOnline did a feature called "10 Best Ways to Use Fairy Lights" - it's fantastic. The pictures I am posting below are from their website (which you should definitely check out)

Here are some other cute ideas:

I LOVE this. It would be super cute if you were trying to think of some last minute 
decorations for Valentine's Day. 

Twinkle Lights on trees is ALWAYS a good idea. Especially when they have flowers 
there to make them look even prettier!

This is the classic bedroom twinkle light idea that everybody loves. 
But how can you not love it? It's awesome. 

I found these pictures (above&below) of wedding receptions and thought they were so gorgeous. The lighting brings a romantic and intimate flare to both spaces - which is exactly what a wedding should feel like.

That's the end of the twinkle marathon! Hope you had a happy Monday!

Images from RedOnline, Wedding Bee, We  It & Geoff White Photographers


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